Frequently Asked Questions


When are the races?

The 2015 UCI Road World Championships will be Sept. 19-27, 2015.


How many cyclists will be in Richmond and where are they from?

About 1,000 of the world’s top cyclists from about 75 countries will compete in the 2015 UCI Road World Championships.


How many people do you expect to attend the 2015 UCI Road World Championships?

We expect an estimated 450,000 on-site spectators over course of the nine days of the event. Many spectators will travel here from other nations, many more will be local residents and those traveling from within 100 miles of the Richmond region.


What else will be going on during the UCI event?

Beyond the racing, there will be festivals, concerts, expos and other entertainment for fans of all ages. We also encourage visitors to explore all the wonderful area attractions Richmond and across Virginia have to offer.


How does the UCI event compare to the Tour de France? How are they different?

The same cyclists who race in the Tour de France will race in the 2015 UCI Road World Championships. The Tour de France is a stage race, with individual winners of each stage and one overall winner. Each race of the UCI Road World Championships is its own world championship. The Olympics and Worlds are the only times cyclists race for their country and not their trade teams.


How did Richmond get this event?

Richmond was chosen as the first American host of the event since 1986 after a competitive bid process similar to the Olympics. For the growth of the sport, the UCI has a mission of holding the event outside of Europe every five years. Richmond was awarded the event on Sept. 21, 2011.


Race Course Information

Where can I find the race routes?

All of the routes, for both the 2014 USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals and 2015 UCI Road World Championships, can be found at www.richmond2015.com/courses.


Are the race routes the same every day?

No, but there is a good deal of overlap. Two of the four courses start at the Greater Richmond Convention Center; one course starts in Hanover County at Kings Dominion; and the other starts in Henrico County at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. All of the races finish on Broad Street in downtown Richmond at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.


How did you decide the routes for the courses?

The process for designing the courses began in the summer of 2011 as we were assembling our bid for the event and has been extremely thorough. A talented team of experts with vast experience in elite cycling events assisted Richmond 2015 with the courses. Three main factors were considered when designing the courses: competitive and technical aspects; showcasing the best of the Richmond region; and the overall impact on local residents and businesses.


How many courses are there?

There are four disciplines that will race on three courses – the team time-trial course, the individual time trial circuit, the elite mens individual time trial course, and the traditional road circuit.


How long are the races?

For the UCI Road World Championships, the shortest event is the Junior Women’s Time Trial, which is about 14 miles. The longest event is the Men’s Elite Road Race, which is about 160 miles and will take more than six hours to complete.


Where do the races start?

As a general rule, the races will start after the morning rush hour and conclude before the afternoon rush hour.  A complete schedule of the races is available here.

Where do they finish?

All races will finish on Broad Street in downtown Richmond at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.


How many total races are there?

For the 2015 UCI Road World Championships, there are 12 races over nine days, each race crowning a new world champion.



Community Impact

How do I find out what streets are closed?

You can view all four courses and the complete schedule at www.richmond2015.com. In most cases, roads used during the races will be closed one hour before each day’s event and open immediately following the completion of that race.


When were the courses announced?

The courses  have been announced for the 2015 UCI Road World Championships (Sept. 19-27, 2015) to give residents and businesses as much time as possible to plan for the events. One of our goals was to minimize the impact on local residents and businesses as much as possible..


How am I supposed to get around if the street outside my house is closed? Will I be able to get to work?

We are announcing the courses much earlier than the norm for the UCI Road World Championships to allow residents and businesses as much time as possible to plan. One of our goals was to minimize the impact on local residents and businesses as much as possible. 

As we’ve mentioned, we are planning our “Prologue” events for almost a year and a half before the Worlds to make people aware of the great opportunities that come with this event. We also know that in some cases there may be disruptions in traffic and parking patterns, so this will give people more than enough time to plan. We also know that businesses will want to plan for parties and celebrations or might need to ask employees to “telework” for a day or two: 18 months will give them the time they need to plan for that. 


What happens if there’s an emergency and my street is closed?

Emergencies will always take priority over racing. The Commonwealth of Virginia, the City of Richmond and Henrico and Hanover County emergency personnel have been a part of the planning process and will continue to be involved.


How will the event affect traffic?

There will be an impact on traffic, which is why we’ve announced the courses as early as possible. We will be encouraging local residents to consider alternative means of transportation – including bikes – or simply come out and enjoy the races. The complete schedule and courses can be found at www.richmond2015.com 


How long are the streets closed during each race?

In most cases, streets will close one hour  before each race begins; they will open immediately following the completion of each race.


Safety & Security

How will you handle security for such a big event?

We have consulted with City of Richmond and Henrico and Hanover County as well and state and federal officials and will continue to work with all parties to devise appropriate and thorough security plans.


How will you address safety concerns of spectators on the course?

Barriers and fencing will separate the riders from spectators over most of the course. Safety of the riders as well as the spectators was taken into consideration during the course designs. In addition, emergency personnel will be on-site for racers as well as spectators.


Experiencing the Races

Does it cost anything to watch the races?

For the most part, no. Part of the beauty of cycling is that it is free and open to the public. There will be several hospitality areas and fan zones that will have ticketed admission, but the majority of the courses will be open and free for all spectators.


Where are the best places to watch the races?  Will there be grandstands or seating?

There are outstanding viewing points all around the courses. Many fans are planning to use the Collegiate Nationals to help decide where they want to view the Worlds. Some of the great viewing spots on the road circuit will include Libby Hill, the very steep hill on 23rd Street and Monument Avenue. Additionally, the fan zones around the course will offer a fan-friendly roadside experience, with closed circuit TV, food and drinks, etc.

There will be grandstand seating and VIP hospitality areas along the finishing straight. Details of these opportunities will be available very soon. Contact us at info@richmond2015.com for more information.


Will there be any events – such as opening and closing ceremonies – besides the races themselves?

Yes, there will be a wide array of activities during the nine-day event, such as festivals, concerts, expos and other events for fans of all ages.


Will the races be televised? 

Yes, the 2015 UCI Road World Championships will be televised nationally and internationally. The event is expected to be seen by 300 million viewers worldwide. We also will broadcast online www.richmond2015.com and through our mobile app.


Community Engagement

Is there any way for locals to ride the course?

Absolutely. Certain portions, particularly those that go the wrong way down one-way streets shouldn’t be ridden “as is.” During the actual event, we are hosting in collaboration with Sports Backers “Conquer the Cobbles””– an opportunity for the general public to run and  ride the road race circuit. Learn more here.


How can my company get involved with Richmond 2015?

We have several options. Our Société 2015 encourages local business owners and entrepreneurs to join together to support what will be the largest influx of potential customers in the history of Richmond. We continue to offer partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. And our Charter 2015 partnership with RideFinders encourages businesses to become more bike friendly.


How many volunteers are needed to staff the races?

We expect that about 3,000 volunteers will be needed for the 2015 UCI Road World Championships.  Sign up to volunteer here!



Will the UCI Road World Championships be a sustainable event?

Yes! The 2015 UCI Road World Championships (Worlds) is the first Road World Championships ever to receive the official UCI reCycling eco-label which recognizes environmentally responsible cycling events. The event is also a Virginia Green Certified Event. Virginia Green encourages sustainable practices in Virginia’s tourism industry through its self-certifying program. The event is seeking certification from the Council for Responsible Sport, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides objective, independent verification of sporting events.


What is the focus of the sustainability efforts for the races?

The City of Richmond Sustainability Office, Virginia Green Travel Alliance and Richmond 2015 are working with many partners to “green the scene” during the races. The focus is on four key areas:

  • Rethink waste (reduce consumption, recycle, compost, water fill stations, etc.)
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation (bike valets, shuttles, buses, etc.)
  • Be healthy (healthy, local food, bike safety and education, etc.)
  • Leave a positive legacy (bike friendly city, urban greening, sustainable events, etc.)


Will there be recycling and composting at the races?

Yes. There will be a comprehensive, visible and color coded waste diversion system that includes eco-stations for recycling and composting in Fan Zones, FanFest and the finish area. Friendly Green Team volunteers focused on carrying out the event’s sustainability initiatives will be available to assist you.


Will there be water refill stations at the races?

Yes. The City of Richmond is providing water filling stations throughout the Fan Zones, FanFest and the finish area.


Will there be bike valets at the races?

Yes. Bike valets will be available at Libby Hill, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and the finish area. Check navigate.richmond2015.com.


What can I do to help make the races a sustainable event?

Glad you asked! There are lots of things you can do to help us green the scene.

  • Ride a shuttle or public transit to the event.
  • Find or arrange a carpool.
  • Ride your bike and secure it at one of the free bike valets.
  • Bring your own water bottle and refill it at one of the water filling stations.
  • Opt for local, healthy or organic food.
  • Recycle or compost and look for a friendly Green Team volunteer if you need help.
  • If you’re bringing your pet, please clean-up and look for a pet waste station.
  • If you’re traveling from out of town, consider staying at a green hotel in the area.
  • If you’re dining out, consider a green restaurant in the area.

Have a question that’s not included on this FAQ? Email your question to info@richmond2015.com.