Partner Profile: Anthem

At Anthem, our mission is to transform health care by providing trusted and caring solutions with an unyielding commitment to meeting the needs of our diverse customers. We live these values through being accountable, caring, easy to do business with, innovative and trustworthy. It is this promise that has led us to expand our sponsorship of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships beyond just having our name associated with the event. Though the race itself is for professional cyclists, we wanted to bring a resource that makes bicycling exciting and attainable for everyone in the community.

Bicycling has many benefits – whether it be your health, finances, productivity at work, the environment or simply an exciting leisure activity for the family – that we want to encourage. To show our commitment, we created an online resource, Pedal to Health, that explains how to enjoy this exciting sport — no matter your skill level. Based on how you answer a few quick questions, the interactive website provides personalized tips to help you learn about bicycling and enjoy better health. 

The site includes tips for things like:

  • Buying a bicycle
  • Fitting a Helmet
  • Finding nearby paths
  • Understanding laws and safety tips
  • Starting a fitness plan
  • Teaching a child to ride a bike

“Anthem is proud to bring Pedal to Health to the residents of Virginia in celebration of the upcoming 2015 UCI Road World Championships in Richmond in September,” said C. Burke King, president, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. “Whether a beginner or an expert cyclist, Pedal to Health caters to all skill levels and has educational information everyone can benefit from.”

As we have in the past, we continue to promote bicycling in the Richmond community through our sponsorship of the Anthem Moonlight Ride. This year’s event will be held at 8:00PM on August 22nd, 2015 at the SportsBackers Stadium in Richmond. The event features a short “Half Moon” 8 mile bike ride or a longer “Full Moon” 17 mile route through the North side and near the West End in Richmond. After the ride, there will be a live concert, pizza, ice cream and beverages. Please consider joining us!

To learn more about how bicycling can benefit your health, click here.


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