Emily Kimball Rides in Richmond

The world’s elite will be riding in Richmond in September 2015.  Today however, there are many of incredible people who “Ride in Richmond”. From racers to commuters to mountain bikers to hipsters to kids to young and to the not as young! This regular feature will highlight these people, the kind of riding they do, what 2015 means to them and so much more. Enjoy!


Who are you and what do you do?

I am Emily Kimball, The Aging Adventurer.  I retired 22 years ago as the Outdoor Recreation Manager for Chesterfield Parks and Recreation where I worked hard on trying to get a bike plan on the ground to no avail though we did get the bike white line on Route 10.  I have a small speaking business, Make It Happen!  and speak nationally on Creative Aging, Taking Risks and Making Dreams Happen.  In retirement I rode my loaded touring bike across America and hiked the Appalachian Trail. I have self-published one small book, Appalachian Stories and Other Adventures: Living Your Dreams at 60 and Beyond.  And am working on another book on Life Transitions.


(Emily Kimball riding in Richmond, VA)

My earliest memory on a bicycle. 

At age nine I was riding my Schwin no-speed  bike down the Boulevard in Rochester, NY to visit a friend and at one of the cross streets I almost got run over.  It was very scary; I never told my parents.

What kind of riding do you typically do

I have done a lot of bike touring in my younger days – across America at age 62, New Zealand, Ireland, England in my 50’s, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Recently did part of the Natchez Trace with Womantours.  At 83 I am slowing down, but try to do the RABA ABC ride on Saturdays usually doing 25-30 miles.  Ride in my neighborhood for exercise 20 or so miles.  Sometimes commute to downtown.

When I’m on my bike I….

am a free spirit, drinking in the scenery, the farmland, the wildlife, the small towns and loving every minute of it.  Feeling the wind and the sunshine is a euphoric experience for me, along with the exercise and feeling of strength.  I am totally happy when on my bike.


(Emily Kimball pictured in Kansas during her cross country ride)

When your out on your bike and pass another cyclist do you wave?

I always wave or nod my head.

Do you always come to a complete stop at a stop sign?  If I am riding in a rural area, which I often am, I slow down and look both ways and if there is not a car in sight in either direction I continue on.  If I am in a busy down town environment I always stop.

What does Richmond 2015 mean to you.

It gives me great hope that because it is coming here we will move ahead swiftly to make our region more bicycle friendly.  We certainly haven’t been in the past.  It is exciting to see all the activity that 2015 coming has encouraged things like the Floyd Ave bikeway, the pedestrian/biking bridge across the James, finally the finishing of the Cap-to-Cap trail, the new sharrows on roads and the designation of bike routes around Richmond.  It is really amazing to me, who worked so hard for bike facilities and safe trails during my professional life with so few results, to witness all that is happening now.  The 2015 happening has heightened the visibility of bike riding in the area and given it more importance than ever before.

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  1. Marina Libro

    Awesome Sauce!!! I hope to be doing the same thing – just I have to do it on three wheels now…but maybe one day I can get back up on two again. I hope to have plenty of time trying!


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