USA Pro Challenge: Part II

Dispatch From the Road

August 2012

USA Pro Challenge

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Part II

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stage 6: Boulder


Our day started with 2015’s Tim Miller and Lee Kallman being interviewed on the main stage in the middle of the fan expo on Pearl Street. This was a great opportunity for us to talk about Richmond and all it has to offer as well provide some details on the World Championships. Safe bet that we’re going to see a lot of visitors from Boulder in 2015.

Richmond 2015’s Lee Kallman and Tim Miller on the stage in Boulder.

 The 103-mile stage from Golden to Boulder finished with a grueling 3.5-mile climb up Flagstaff Mountain. Our journey to the finish involved passing through tens of thousands rabid fans lining the narrow mountain road. The majority of fans opted to ride up Flagstaff and the organizers provides many “bike corrals” that provided fans with a simple, secure place to “park” their bike.

We saw all sorts of craziness in route to the summit; the atmosphere was everything you’d expect to see on the greatest of climbs in the Tour de France. In my opinion, the “Fans of the Day” had to go to this family that successfully tackled Flagstaff on a bicycle built for five!


Once at the top of Flagstaff the ladies in the 2015 delegation quickly spotted serious cycling fan, who spends his day as an actor, Patrick Dempsey.

2015 board member Barbara Faurot of Genworth Financial with actor Patrick Dempsey.

The climb really blew up the field. Boulder resident Rory Sutherland took the win with seemingly ageless Jens Voigt hanging on for 3rd place. Virginian Joe Dombrowski rode in front with the leaders and took 7th on the stage to add to his lead in the Best Young Rider competition.

We then headed over to the post-race press conference, which was held at the historic Sunrise Amphitheater. The view from this spot was unbelievable; this was certainly the most scenic press conference location we’ve ever seen. Throughout the questions, riders kept looking over their shoulders to take in the view.


Come back tomorrow for our 3rd and final Dispatch USA Pro Cycling Challenge.



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